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Have you been living with a bulging disc for quite some time without any relief in the Northern Illinois area? Then it is time that you hear about ORS Physical Therapy. Why? At ORS, we possess a whole team of specialists and physical therapists that will be able to assist you with your bulging disc. Our highly skilled team will be able to create a unique to you treatment plan that will allow you to have more regular relief from the adverse and painful effects that a bulging disc can cause. Start taking parts of your life back with the help of the professionals at ORS in Northern Illinois.

Northern Illinois is the area that will encompass roughly a third of the state of Illinois. This area is heavily populated and dominated by several Metro areas of Chicago, the Quad Cities, and Rockford. There can be quite a couple of options to choose from when you are looking for a trustworthy physical therapist in the area of Northern Illinois. The difference you will find is that ORS truly puts their patient’s needs first and offers them more of their life after living with a bulging disc for a while. Choose the individuals offering comprehensive care for bulging disc injuries at ORS versus others treating your condition the same as the next.

Our top-notch facility aims to create a comforting and relaxed environment where you feel heard and supported by our experienced therapists. At ORS in Northern Illinois, we take the time to complete a comprehensive exam to evaluate your needs and how your bulging disc affects your day-to-day activities. Plus, our staff prefers the team approach to care so that there are multiple sets of eyes on your treatment to provide the most effective recovery possible. Give ORS Physical Therapy a call to schedule your free consultation so that we can get you in no time to begin healing your bulging disc without the need for invasive surgery.

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