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ORS Physical Therapy is a locally owned and operated facility that offers certified physical therapists experienced in dealing with TMJ disorders. If you are suffering from jaw pain, we encourage you to seek out the professionals at ORS for help. Even though there are different causes of TMJ pain, we will make sure to customize a plan that entails proper TMJ treatment. Many of our Machesney Park patients attribute their progress to our professional team care.

Machesney Park Temporomandibular Joint

TMJ disorder is estimated to affect over 10 million in the U.S. alone. Machesney Park is located in northern Illinois and is a lovely suburb of Rockford. ORS enjoys welcoming new patients from Machesney Park. Machesney Park is a village with 23,499 residents who enjoy the recent commercial and residential growth. Often TMJ pain symptoms include headaches and muscle stiffness or jaw pain. Whether you have suffered trauma or other triggers, ORS provides precise TMJ treatment to help you feel better.

Machesney Park Jaw Pain

TMJ is associated with stress, joint structure, or other medical conditions but regardless of the cause, ORS is driven to get you relief from TMJ pain. When you visit one of our facilities, you will have a thorough screening to make sure we provide the TMJ treatment that reduces your jaw pain. We accept most insurances and offer significantly lower prices. Call the experienced team at ORS Physical Therapy to schedule a FREE screening today!

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