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Did you know that the addition of Swedish massage therapy to your current physical therapy routine could help tremendously with the overall healing and recovery process? Lucky for you, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable physical and massage therapists at ORS Physical Therapy did know this, which is why there are several experienced Swedish massage therapists on staff at the few ORS facilities near Machesney Park. Our goal at ORS is to help you graduate from all our therapies, which is why we like to incorporate a variety of treatments like Swedish massage.

Finding your desired physical therapy facility near Machesney Park is far more accessible now than ever, especially with ORS’ multiple locations throughout Illinois. The young community of Machesney Park has experienced rapid retail, commercial, and residential growth over the last few years, growing to a population of more than 24,000 residents. Situated along the Rock River, Machesney Park is a family-friendly village that offers quality services and amenities. ORS takes extraordinary pride in providing exceptional treatment options like Swedish massage therapy to residents of Machesney Park.

At ORS, our physical therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation to understand where your starting point is and establish what the end game will look like. Creating a treatment plan geared to your exact body and needs is the primary key to success at ORS. Not to mention that our skilled Swedish massage therapists are partnering with our physical therapists to create a one-of-a-kind therapy that has seen immense success in Machesney Park. Never have to search for a physical and massage therapy facility near Machesney Park again, as ORS Physical Therapy is the only name we know you will trust!

Machesney Park Swedish Massage