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At Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, our qualified massage therapists will provide you with massage therapy. You will receive massage therapy options from a qualified doctor in accordance with your specific treatment plan. Your massage therapist will release you from pain and muscle soreness. If achy muscles have stopped you from doing what you want, ORS is the massage therapy clinic offering the best holistic massage therapy in the Machesney Park area.

Our Machesney Park patients enjoy the fact that we provide effective massage therapy. A bustling suburb of Rockford, Machesney Park is home to a booming population of over 32,500 residents that know they can trust ORS for a massage therapist that will work. The patients in Machesney Park trust ORS because we are massage therapists that genuinely care about your overall health. Residents in Machesney Park can now receive massage therapy that can provide an alternative to medication and surgery at ORS.

ORS is supplied with the best massage therapists who get down to the source of your pain. Your massage therapist won’t just focus on numbing the pain with medication. Our massage therapists focus on a whole approach, as many sore muscles and tension cases involve stress and emotional components. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists accept Medicare and insurance! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the staff at our clinic to take the first step to massage therapy.

Machesney Park Massage Therapist