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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services focuses on providing top of the line physical therapy while creating a fun and relaxed environment. We are continually evolving and changing with new discoveries to offer the best services, such as dry needling therapy. At ORS, we have licensed physical therapists that will analyze your pain and provide trigger point dry needling therapy for relief. This allows us to isolate the muscles with the most tension and support a healthier you with dry needling. ORS is excited to offer dry needling therapy to residents of Machesney Park. 

Machesney Park Dry Needling Therapy

Machesney Park, IL is a village in Winnebago County and has a population of 22,677. Machesney Park was an unincorporated area that started to see growth after WWII. Machesney Park was incorporated in 1981 and is named after Machesney Airport. At ORS, we are proud of the satisfied Machesney Park residents that have found pain relief through dry needling therapy. If you have pain from an unidentified source, ORS experts would love to find the cause and treat your pain with trigger point dry needling. 

Machesney Park Trigger Point Dry Needling

At ORS, we pride ourselves on helping to relieve pain with cutting-edge solutions like trigger point dry needling. Our team of diverse specialists are handpicked to ensure the best approach to provide solutions for you. Strategic trigger point dry needling has proven to relieve pain and muscle tension for our clients at ORS. If you are looking for pain relief and a way to return to your active lifestyle, look no further than ORS. Contact Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services and schedule your consultation today!

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