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ORS Physical Therapy is proud to offer healing massage therapy sessions near Machesney Park. We offer deep-tissue massages, and our massage therapists specialize in multiple techniques, allowing us to offer you the massage therapy option that will provide you with the best relief! At ORS, we believe in whole health and treating pain at the source. You will feel relief from pain with deep tissue massages from ORS near Machesney Park.

Near Machesney Park, we help increase circulation and work out issues that may be contributing to your pain. Part of the Rockford, Illinois Metropolitan Area, 22,950 people call Machesney Park home. The area is named for Fred Machesney, an aviator who founded Machesney Airport. Machesney Park residents know and trust ORS for deep tissue massages and physical therapy that bring healing. By implementing deep tissue massage from ORS, you have the best quality of life with minimal invasiveness.

ORS will work closely with you, massage therapists, and physical therapists to determine the best course of action to meet your needs. Often, massage therapy and deep tissue massages can provide relief while we work our way through different physical therapy approaches. At ORS, we are committed to helping you feel better. Do not hesitate to consult with the friendly ORS Physical Therapy team when you feel deep tissue massage therapy may benefit you!

Machesney Park Deep Tissue Massage