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Occupational therapy is a modern treatment to ease muscular pain found at ORS Physical Therapy near Loves Park. We treat patients with various pain problems such as joint and disk pain, tendinitis, and even migraines in a relaxed and welcoming environment with specialized occupational therapy solutions that deliver lasting relief. If you are experiencing these types of pain, there is no better time to schedule your free consultation with the professionals of ORS.

Dedicated to the residents of Loves Park and the surrounding community are the premier services of ORS, the progressive occupation therapy, and sports medicine center. Known as “the City with a Heart,” Loves Park is located along the beautiful Rock River in Illinois. The nearly 24,000 residents of Loves Park enjoy a close-knit community and a booming commercial sector. Don’t suffer from painful spinal problems or migraines any longer. Call ORS today!

At ORS, we understand that therapy can be a difficult road depending on your pain or injury severity. We try to make it as easy, successful, and as relaxed as possible with occupational therapy. You do have a choice when it comes to choosing the treatment of your pain, so why not start your occupational therapy today by calling ORS. Occupational therapy helps to increase range of motion. Call ORS Physical Therapy today!

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