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ORS Physical Therapy provides a movement specialist with a natural and holistic approach. Contact the movement specialist at ORS if you are looking for proven physical rehab methods without dangerous and unnecessary medications. Debilitating pain and mobile limitations can keep you from living your best life. Our movement specialists near Loves Park are eager to help you start your pain-free journey.

The movement specialist staff at ORS is dedicated to providing the best health, wellness, and care to all Loves Park patients. Loves Park is a town in Illinois with a population of 24,320. Malcolm Love, an industrialist, purchased 236 acres of land in this area in 1901 and set up a gathering place that came to be known as Loves Park. ORS is conveniently located near Loves Park to help with your pain relief.

ORS is committed to helping patients find relief. As a result, we offer various therapeutic methods at our physical therapy centers. Our goal is to provide proven solutions for your physical limitations. We are known for providing our clients with state-of-the-art therapy by delivering holistic injury rehab and therapy techniques with proven results. Call ORS Physical Therapy to see one of the top movement specialists in the area!

Loves Park Movement Specialist