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ORS Physical Therapy offers in-depth massage therapy options in the Loves Park area. Massage therapy can work wonders in relieving pain, improving circulation, loosening muscles, and joints, adding flexibility, and much more. At ORS, we provide more than just a relaxing massage, we assess your needs and offer the technique that will work best for you. Choose ORS for your massage therapy near Loves Park and know what it is like to be genuinely valued.

ORS has received outstanding reviews from our Loves Park clients. Primarily located in Winnebago County, Loves Park is home to 23,397 residents. Loves Park is named after Malcolm Love, who established a gathering place after buying over 200 acres of land there. At ORS, we know there are Loves Park locals who will benefit from our massage therapy techniques. Your massage therapy plan will be specific to you and your needs.

Massage therapy is effective for many things, both physical and emotional. Home to many physical therapists, ORS offers massage therapy in addition to other therapies because it works! Massage therapy is effective for many ailments, from helping to heal post-op to minimizing stress and relieving pain. ORS Physical Therapy wants to help you live life to the fullest, so call us today for more information on massage therapy!

Loves Park Massage Therapy