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The physical therapists at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists are eager to serve the Loves Park community with excellent treatment plans customized to relieve your specific pain due to joint replacement surgery. With a focus on restoring mobility, our physical therapists have an average of 17 years of experience and know-how to treat a wide range of conditions, including joint replacement surgery rehab for Loves Park clients.

Surrounded by a scenic city, over 23,000 residents of Loves Park, Illinois, can take advantage of the recreational opportunities and wide housing options. ORS is the top choice for residents looking for relief and healing with joint replacement surgery rehab. ORS’s joint replacement surgery rehab services provide specialized care with excellent results through individualized treatment plans and therapy care.

Post-joint replacement surgery can be painful and limit you to the things you once enjoyed. At ORS, we can help. We have personalized treatment plans, including joint replacement surgery rehab and coordination with your primary doctor to treat your joint pain. If you are suffering from pain from joint replacement surgery near Loves Park, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists is where you need to be.

Loves Park Joint Replacement Surgery Rehab