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ORS Physical Therapy is the most sought-after physical therapy facility near Loves Park and has been for more than twenty years. Over the years, ORS has grown and expanded into five different facilities with different physical and massage therapists who specialize in a variety of treatment plans and methods. For example, you can now find a deep tissue massage within your treatment plan from our professional staff that is geared towards your injury and overall recovery. We aim to help you leave with exceptional results and better condition than when you walked into ORS’ doors near Loves Park.

The city of Loves Park is situated along the beautiful Rock River and is a great place to live with a low cost of living. Loves Park is a close-knit community that offers its all, from state parks with boating and fishing to renowned educational facilities, a booming commercial and industrial sector, or even a minor league baseball game. Make the decision for yourself and your health to call the office of ORS for a consultation to see what options in treatment plans could help you start to feel more like yourself again, even if it is a deep tissue massage.

ORS specialists have an average of seventeen years of experience working in this field, unlike any other therapy office in the area. Plus, ORS has the skill set to treat and tend to a wide variety of conditions that other offices do not. ORS is the one place in Loves Park where your illnesses and injuries will be listened to, and a plan of action will be created to help you begin to feel more like yourself. Whether it be a deep tissue massage or other types of treatment, ORS Physical Therapy is the office near Loves Park to help you recover and find relief.

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