Medical Library: Knee – Bursitis

Bursitis of the knee or, Prepatellar bursitis, is a common cause of swelling and pain on top of the kneecap. Prepatellar bursitis is common in professions where workers are required to kneel for extended periods of time.

A bursa is a thin sack filled with lubricating fluid which allows muscles, tendons, and skin to slide smoothly over bony surfaces. These bursa are normally very thin but they do have a space that can become inflamed and irritated, which is known as bursitis.

The symptoms of prepatellar bursitis or knee bursitis include swelling on top of the kneecap, reduced motion of the knee, and pain related to movement of the knee.

Symptoms of prepatellar bursitis are usually made worse by kneeling or overworking the knee.