Medical Library: Hand – Trigger Finger

Typically described at as “catching” or “popping” of a finger or thumb in a forward bent position. It may straighten with effort or eventually become more severe and lock in the bent position. It is frequently painful. It is a tendonitis and is caused by narrowing of the sheath or lining of a tendon of a finger or thumb. Work or leisure activities that require repetitive grip are more likely to cause this problem.

People who attend hand therapy early on have a better chance of avoiding surgery. The hand may be splinted with soft over-the-counter or a custom splint, the individual taught appropriate exercises, instructed in the use of ice, and discuss their activities and modifications that may minimize this problem.

At times, surgery is required and therapy may include scar, swelling and pain management, appropriate exercises, and instruction in a home program.

Hand therapy is performed at our Certified Hand Center, located in Rockford.
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