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Have you considered massage therapy to help relieve your chronic pain? If so, ORS Physical Therapy is the best option for you if you are in Dixon. Our massage therapists are experienced in many types of massage, like Swedish massage, to ensure we have the right tools to help you. Unlike a spa massage, a Swedish massage from ORS focuses on your problem areas and works to find specific solutions.

Dixon is the county seat of Lee County, with a population of over 15,000. Dixon was named after its founder, John Dixon. You do not have to live with the detriment of hard water! Dixon locals trust ORS and our massage therapy services. ORS operates with our clients in mind and eliminates pain at the source, so we are an excellent choice for Swedish massages in Dixon. Call us today to find out how we can help you find relief!

Depending on your symptoms and cause of pain, the diverse team at ORS will work together for both your physical therapy and massage therapy plans. Swedish massages are often used to help you through physical therapy without too deep of a massage. ORS uses massage therapy, like Swedish massage, hand in hand with physical therapy to give you the best possible relief. Choose ORS Physical Therapy when you are in need of massage therapy in Dixon.

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