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Orthopedic Rehab Specialists provides a certified physical therapist who covers a wide range of services that include peripheral neuropathy, post-surgical and industrial rehab. We opened our doors in 1999, and today we offer a location in Dixon. Our physical therapist is committed to helping patients get their lives back, one day at a time. Physical therapy can be a difficult road depending on the severity of injury which is why we try to make it as fun and relaxed as possible. ORS Physical Therapy Clinic offers the opportunity to restore function and improve mobility. Each patient at our Physical Rehab Center gets a comprehensive evaluation that allows us to customize a plan of care. Many previous Dixon patients can verify that ORS delivers effective physical rehabilitation.

Dixon Physical Therapist

Dixon is known as ‘Petunia City’ or the “Catfish Capital of Illinois.” Dixon is the place where Abraham Lincoln joined the Illinois militia at Fort Dixon. There are also venues for art and museums for cultural opportunities. Our Physical Therapy Clinic has three locations for the convenience of our patients, with one right here in Dixon! Each team member is handpicked because of their unique skill set and physical therapy focus. At the end of the day we know it’s about helping people; each of our skilled physical therapists sets out to provide physical rehabilitation that makes a difference in the lives of Dixon patients at ORS Physical Rehab Center.

Dixon Physical Therapy Clinic

ORS Physical Therapy Clinic stands apart from the rest because of our range of diversity and care. You can trust our physical therapist to deliver the best and most effective physical therapy for your circumstance or injury. At our Physical Rehab Center, we focus on recovery of musculoskeletal disorders and dysfunctions, including the neck and lower back that are caused by a wide range of complications. We take physical rehabilitation at Orthopedic Rehab Specialists to a new level; we thrive on hard work and helping people overcome injuries and a variety of conditions. If you are in the Dixon area and need a specialized physical therapist who can provide excellent physical rehabilitation, then call us today at (815) 284-1700.

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