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If you have been suffering from a lack of control over your bladder and bowel functions, then you would benefit significantly from pelvic floor physical therapy. The only place to go is ORS Physical Therapy in Dixon. The ORS facility is a relaxed and welcoming facility that prioritizes each patient’s needs when it comes to pelvic floor physical therapy. Plus, we preferred the team approach with multiple therapists and specialists at ORS to create a specialized treatment solely for you.

You will receive nothing shy of the absolute top-level pelvic floor physical therapy at ORS in Dixon. The city of Dixon is located in Lee County, just west of Chicago, and is home to roughly 16,000 residents. At the hub of four major highways and one interstate, Dixon is the county’s economic center and an essential focus for agriculture, industry, service, retail, recreation, and residential growth. Our team of professionals at ORS in Dixon takes immense pride in providing residents with the best pelvic floor physical therapy found in the state of Illinois.

The team of therapists at ORS are the skilled professionals that residents of Dixon who need pelvic floor physical therapy choose to go to every time. Our therapists at ORS take their time with every client to develop a unique pelvic floor physical therapy treatment plan that will help set them up for optimal success. We genuinely care to see our clients succeed in therapy. At ORS, you are not designed to be a patient forever, after pelvic floor physical therapy with the ORS Physical Therapy team in Dixon, you will have the tools to succeed on your own.

Dixon Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy