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Since 1999, ORS Physical Therapy has been a staple in the Dixon community, assisting individuals with efficient and effective treatment plans that result in optimum results. Since you no longer need to wait to be referred to ORS, you are able to choose the top physical and massage therapist team to head up your recovery process. Individuals choose to visit ORS during recovery not only for the open and welcoming atmosphere but the incredible staff members we have hand selected.

The massage therapist you see will consider your best interests during your individualized treatment. The city of Dixon is a thriving community located along the scenic banks of the Rock River in the northwestern portion of Illinois. Dixon is the county’s economic center with an essential focus on the growth of the agriculture industry, retail, recreation, and recreation. There is only one name that should come to mind in Dixon when searching for a specialized massage therapist to help you progress through recovery better, and that is ORS. Luckily, if you are one of the 15,000 residents of Dixon, you have ORS located right in town for your convenience.

ORS specialists, including massage therapists, have an average of 17 years of experience, unlike any other therapy office near Dixon, and know how to treat many conditions. At ORS, we like to utilize the team treatment approach with physical and massage therapists to create a treatment approach that works best for the patient and their recovery. Putting out patients’ concerns and needs first is the exact treatment you will receive from the incredible staff members at any ORS Physical Therapy center in and near Dixon.

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