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ORS Physical Therapy joint replacement surgery rehab clinic in Dixon has the resources and experience to develop joint pain treatment plan options to address your pain relief needs specifically. We provide natural, non-invasive rehab therapies to help alleviate your hip pain and increase your mobility. Call ORS Physical Therapy today for your free one-on-one joint replacement surgery rehab treatment consultation.

ORS Physical Therapy offers FREE screening in Dixon to discuss your joint replacement surgery rehab and pain relief options, so there is no reason to delay. Located along the scenic Rock River in northwestern IL, Dixon is a thriving community of 16,000 and the county seat of Lee County. ORS Physical Therapy is conveniently located in Dixon to serve your joint replacement surgery rehab needs.

If you are experiencing joint pain, ORS Physical Therapy has the options you need. Our professional joint replacement surgery rehab specialists and medical can help assess if the joint rehab therapy, behavior modification, and anti-inflammatory regimen will work for you. The professionals at ORS Physical Therapy are waiting to serve the Dixonteam community with the joint replacement surgery rehab treatment plans customized to relieve your joint pain-needs.

Dixon Joint Replacement Surgery Rehab