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Are you searching for an active way to prevent falling or give yourself the advantage of avoiding a future fall? If so, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists offer a wide range of services delivered by our professional fall prevention specialist. We will create a customized plan of action and give you the knowledge you need to avoid future falls. Many of our Dixon patients recommend us to family and friends because we provide quality care at a significantly lower cost.

ORS offers a comprehensive assessment of your particular needs and creates a plan that helps you reach your goals with flexibility and strength. Dixon is known as the “The Catfish Capital of Illinois” and has a population of 15,733. ORS’ fall prevention specialist will take the time to work with you one-on-one to see where they can assist you with practical recommendations and medical care. You can rest better knowing that you have the tools necessary to avoid a fall.

ORS knows that 1 out of 4 older adults will fall each year. The fall prevention specialist at ORS will address your challenges and help prevent fall-related injuries by improving your awareness along with your physical strength and agility. If you are ready to improve your prevention skills, we have the most effective interventions that can empower you with the ability and confidence to avoid a fall. Contact Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists today to learn more.

Dixon Fall Prevention Specialist