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ORS Physical Therapy is the top-rated physical therapy center in Byron that provides top-tier vestibular rehab that uses non-surgical, natural methods to address your specific mobility limitations. Whether your problems are dizziness, decreased mobility, or loss of balance, ORS can develop a true-to-you vestibular rehab program that will help you naturally. Our mobility specialists work alongside the chiropractors to ensure that your vestibular rehab is successful in treating your problem areas.

ORS has five separate locations throughout Illinois, and one happens to be located in Byron. The city of Byron is commonly referred to as the “Gateway to the Rock River Valley” as it is positioned along the banks of the Rock River, creating a beautiful riverfront environment. Byron is a modern urban community with a friendly rural character which is incredibly attractive to new businesses and residents, given its close proximity to all the amenities the city offers. We take immense pride at ORS in being able to assist the residents of Byron in having more control over their lives with proven and successful vestibular rehab.

Your specific vestibular rehab program will be developed with all the information that our specialists gather from clinical assessments, laboratory testing, and image studies in mind. ORS movement specialist collects all information possible to guarantee long-lasting relief in the vestibular rehab treatment you receive. ORS is not here to waste your time and wants you to be able to move on from working with us. We are here to ensure that the residents of Byron have access to the absolute best vestibular rehab in the area. Give ORS Physical Therapy a call to get started this week.

Byron Vestibular Rehab