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The jaw joint or temporal mandibular joint is also called TMJ. Millions in the U.S. have experienced TMJ pain. ORS Physical Therapy provides a specialized certified physical therapist who can evaluate and treat TMJ disorders. Jaw pain can limit your ability to open along with trigger headaches and clicking of the jaw. ORS offers affordable TMJ treatment focused on promoting healing and giving optimal outcomes for Byron area patients.

Byron Temporomandibular Joint

TMJ deals with the muscles and jaw joint on one or both sides of your jaw, and ORS offers a variety of TMJ treatment options. The city of Byron has a motto that reads, “Gateway to the Rock River Valley.” Byron is a close-knit community of 3,7,53 residents. TMJ pain can make it challenging to chew along with ear, mouth, or face soreness. Let ORS help you find freedom from jaw pain.

Byron Jaw Pain

If you are experiencing headaches, joint locking, or muscle spasms, you may be dealing with TMJ disorder. ORS is a skilled physical therapy facility that offers proven and effective TMJ treatment in a peaceful environment. We help you reach optimal outcomes by individualizing a treatment plan geared to eliminate TMJ pain or jaw pain. Contact ORS Physical Therapy to schedule a FREE screening with our team of professionals.

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