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Are you searching for a non-surgical approach to treat a torn rotator cuff? If so, Orthopedic Rehab Specialists provides certified physical therapists who are experienced at treating a rotator cuff injury. If your doctor has recommended rotator cuff rehab, then join the many patients in Byron and the surrounding areas who have successfully found relief from rotator cuff pain at ORS. Even though a torn rotator cuff doesn’t heal on its own we can help reduce inflammation which allows the mechanics of the joint. This is good news for anyone wanting to avoid surgery if possible.

Byron Rotator Cuff Pain

The beautiful city of Byron, Illinois is located in Ogle County along the Rock River. Byron is a small community with 3,753 residents with a town motto, “Gateway to the Rock River Valley.” Don’t allow a rotator cuff injury to limit your mobility or rotator cuff pain to keep you frustrated when ORS provides rotator cuff rehab that is proven effective to ease and even eliminate rotator cuff pain. Make ORS your choice for post-surgical torn rotator cuff rehab or allow us to help you avoid surgery with a variety of therapies.

Byron Torn Rotator Cuff

Even though physical therapy can be a lengthy process and difficult at times our goal is to create an atmosphere that’s relaxing. Our team often works together to provide the best course of treatment for your rotator cuff injury. ORS focuses on improving mobility and reducing rotator cuff pain for those who deal with a torn rotator cuff. We encourage you to call (815) 227-1700 to schedule a comprehensive evaluation at Orthopedic Rehab Specialists to discuss what the best form of treatment for you would be.

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