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Pelvic floor physical therapy may sound like it is made up or only for women, but that could not be further from the truth. At ORS Physical Therapy in Byron, our highly trained and knowledgeable therapists will tell you pelvic floor physical therapy is extremely beneficial to both men and women and is a very real concept. Undergoing pelvic floor physical therapy can give individuals more freedom and parts of their lives back due to having support and control over the pelvic floor region consisting of reproductive organs, urinary tracts, and colorectal region.

The city of Byron is commonly called the “Gateway to the River Rock Valley” as it sits riverfront, along the banks of the Rock River in Ogle County. Due to Byron’s close proximity to many major cities, this community is attractive to new businesses and residents alike as a suitable place to set down roots. There are sometimes physical therapy centers around every corner in Byron, so how does one know where to go and who to trust will provide them with successful therapy? Simple, ORS is the only option in Byron that you should be visiting for effective pelvic floor physical therapy.

The benefits of attending pelvic floor physical therapy are endless, but when you add the professionals from ORS to the mix, you have a perfect recipe for success. Many might not think that pelvic floor physical therapy is all that effective. Just try a few sessions at ORS in Byron, and your mind will be blown. Pelvic floor physical therapy is a game changer and life changer when it comes to bladder and bowel control which can even give people their active lives back. ORS Physical Therapy is going to be your absolute best shot at successful pelvic floor physical therapy in Byron, so call today for your free evaluation.

Byron Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy