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ORS Physical Therapy is proud to help Byron residents treat pain at the source, incorporating both physical and massage therapy. Our massage therapists are licensed and have studied many different techniques, so we can specify our plan to meet your needs. At ORS, we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to relief and healing. Be treated as a unique individual with massage therapy from ORS in the Byron area.

The expert team at ORS has helped many Byron residents with effective massage therapy. Byron, Illinois, is located in Byron Township along the Rock River and has a population of around 3,700. Byron is home to one of the last nuclear power plants in the United States: the Byron Nuclear Generating Station. At ORS, we are passionate about helping you live life to the fullest! Please find out how our massage therapy can increase your quality of life and decrease pain.

ORS is the only name you need to know for massage therapy in the Byron area. Massage therapy has many lasting benefits, like stress relief, pain relief, strengthened immune system, flexibility, and more. At ORS, we go beyond an essential spa massage to effectively bring you relief. Massage therapy is healing, and we will take a specialized approach to meet your needs. Call ORS Physical Therapy today to set up your consultation!

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