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ORS Physical Therapy is comprised of a well-rounded team, including both physical and massage therapists. At ORS, we incorporate massage therapy to identify your target areas and help you find relief. Our highly trained massage therapists can also help you find additional relief from pain while on your physical therapy journey. You will be in great hands with the massage therapists and ORS, conveniently located near Byron.

ORS is proud to serve the Byron area, and our massage therapist will deliver much more than a spa massage. Byron, IL, is located in Byron Township along the Rock River and has a population of around 3,700. Byron is home to one of the last nuclear power plants in the United States: the Byron Nuclear Generating Station. At ORS, we work to identify the source of your pain to find relief. Your physical and massage therapists team will work together for a customized treatment plan.

ORS has the right massage therapist for you! We stay current on techniques, training, and technology to offer you the best possible healing experience. Our goal is to improve your quality of life! At ORS, our massage therapist has your best interests at heart, and you will love the atmosphere of our practice. ORS Physical Therapy has a top-licensed massage therapist near Byron, so call us today!

Byron Massage Therapist