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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists has been providing exceptional herniated disc therapy since 1999. A herniated disc may be referred to by many names, such as a slipped disc, a ruptured disc or bulging disc. We treat patients who suffer from a slipped disc injury at our state-of-the-art therapy clinic. ORS is the top therapy clinic in Northern Illinois helping people who have a ruptured disc. We are the only locally owned outpatient physical therapy facility in the area.

Byron Bulging Disc

ORS is a professional physical therapy clinic that takes pride in providing our Byron customers with premium bulging disc therapy. The city of Byron, Illinois, has a population of 3,753 and is known as the community on the “Gateway to the Rock River Valley.” Byron is a modern urban community with a friendly rural character. If you are in Byron and have a bulging disc, give ORS a call.

Byron Ruptured Disc

A herniated disc (also called bulging disc, slipped disc, and ruptured disc) is a fragment of the disc nucleus that is pushed out of the annulus, into the spinal canal through a tear or rupture in the annulus. Let the professional team at ORS help you get back to normal. ORS’s therapy staff are trustworthy and ready to start helping you with your slipped disc injury. Make an appointment today with Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists. 

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