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Orthopedic Rehab Specialists offers three convenient locations to receive physical therapy that can help relieve headache symptoms and causes. We have been treating patients since 1999 with customized headache treatment that offers proven headache relief. If you are looking for a headache clinic with a certified physical therapist who provides a wide range of services along with providing specialized care, then contact ORS. Many of our Byron patients agree that our approach alleviated or lessened their headache pain.

Byron Headache Clinic

Our team uses innovative therapies for a range of headache triggers. ORS will complete a comprehensive evaluation at your first visit to our headache clinic to determine the proper headache treatment. Byron is the ideal small town located in Ogle County, Illinois with a population of 3,753. Byron is said to be the “Gateway to the Rock River Valley,” and home to Byron Nuclear Generating Station. ORS looks forward to helping you get lasting headache pain relief from our team of professionals.

Byron Headache Treatment

We understand how a single headache can make it difficult to carry out normal activities. If you struggle with reoccurring headaches now is the time to address it. At our headache clinic, we know that there is an underlying cause for a headache and we customize headache treatment based on treating the root cause. Orthopedic Rehab Specialists wants to give you an option for headache pain relief that not only works but can cost less than local competition. Call us today at (815) 234-5553 to schedule an appointment.

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