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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists deliver innovative and proven plans that help you or someone you love to avoid falling. The fall prevention specialist at ORS allows Byron area residents to be confident in their ability to stop a fall by being aware of preventative body movement techniques and strengthening weak muscles necessary for stability. Feel safe & secure with the help of our professional fall prevention specialist.

Whether your goal is to get more active or travel, ORS can help you reach optimal health and strength. Byron, Illinois, is often called “Gateway to the Rock River Valley” by its 3,753 residents. Our fall prevention specialist can help calm your fear of being alone or have extended medical expenses due to a fall. ORS will give you the tools that equip you with an active approach to fall prevention. Get techniques and a program that is customized to you.

ORS’ fall prevention specialist knows that 1 out of 4 older adults fall in a year. Do not be a statistic. Reach out to ORS for an innovative approach to fall prevention. Our fall prevention specialist confidently guides patients to a fall-proof future. Contact our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists team today for a comprehensive assessment complete with practical recommendations. Our services cost much less, and our team approach ensures long term success.

Byron Fall Prevention Specialist