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Are you suffering from pain and unsure of what is causing it? Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services has a diverse team of experts to get to the bottom of what is causing your pain. We offer top of the line, modern services like dry needling therapy to relieve pain and provide muscle tension relief. The team at ORS will work together to design the ideal, customized approach for you. Trigger point dry needling has been proven to isolate and relieve pain. Contact ORS today if you are in the Byron area and are looking for pain relief from dry needling.

Byron Dry Needling Therapy

Byron, IL is a city in Ogle County with a population of over 3,600 residents. Byron is best known as being the home of the Byron Nuclear Generating Station, one of the last commissioned nuclear power plants in the U.S. Located along the Rock River, Byron is known as the “Gateway to the Rock River Valley.” The licensed physical therapists at ORS have successfully provided pain relief to Byron residents with dry needling therapy. Our customized dry needling plan will support a healthier you.

Byron Trigger Point Dry Needling

At ORS, we are passionate about providing you the best possible, pain-free life. Our experience and research have shown that trigger point dry needling therapy is a great tool to not only treat pain but fix the cause of your pain. We will listen to your concerns with open ears and brainstorm together on the best approach with your dry needling therapy to help you reach your goals. Our focus at ORS is to constantly learn and grow to offer the most successful services, such as dry needling. Contact Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists today and let us get to work on getting you to the active, pain-free life you desire.

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