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ORS Physical Therapy has been serving the Belvidere area since 1999, and we conveniently now have a Belvidere location! One of the many issues we help with is urinary incontinence. Struggling to control your bladder can put you in embarrassing situations and negatively affect your quality of life. ORS is here to help with pelvic floor therapy that will strengthen your muscles, as well as your bladder control. We are here to help you live your best life!

Located in Boone County, Illinois, Belvidere is known as the “City of Murals” due to the wide range of street art found in the city. Over 25,339 residents call Belvidere home and know they can put their faith in the cutting-edge team at ORS to find relief from urinary incontinence. You do not have to live with this struggle forever! At ORS, we have helped many Belvidere residents with pelvic floor exercises that cure or minimize issues from urinary incontinence.

Do not let urinary incontinence rule your life, and enlist the forward-thinking team at ORS. Our many therapists and team members will work together to analyze the source of your urinary incontinence and develop an individualized plan to help you. The ORS facility is welcoming and relaxing, so please schedule your consultation and let us see how we can help you. ORS Physical Therapy is your answer when you struggle with urinary incontinence in Belvidere.

Belvidere Urinary Incontinence