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Since 1999 Belvidere Rehab & Sports Medicine has been the leading provider of physical therapy services in Belvidere. BRS provides a multitude of services, including sports injury rehabilitation. Sports injury rehab is a safe therapeutic approach that helps athletes effectively treat pain and achieve optimal performance. After a sports injury, there are three primary sports rehabilitation objectives. The athlete needs to build strength, improve balance/flexibility, and increase endurance. BRS provides ultimate sports rehab services to our patients in Belvidere.

Belvidere Sports Injury Rehabilitation

BRS & affiliates have several locations providing the ultimate in sports injury rehabilitation. Belvidere is located in north central Illinois and is 75 miles from downtown Chicago with a population of 25,585. Belvidere, which means beautiful to view, has an industrial community surrounded by prosperous farms. Sports injury therapy is critical to help ensure you return to the activities you love as quickly and safely as possible. Sports injury rehabilitation treats a range of conditions.

Belvidere Sports Rehab

Whether you are an elite athlete or love weekend activities, BRS sports rehabilitation specialists will help you restore movement patterns, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power after an injury. BRS is a leader in physical rehab because we make sure we handpick each sports rehab therapist and we make sure our clients receive the best care. BRS is the best place for your sports injury therapy and we have excellent experienced therapists who care. Let Belvidere Rehab & Sports Medicine get you back in the game, contact us at (815) 547-4733!

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