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ORS Physical Therapy is the most sought-after and preferred physical therapy center in northern Illinois. All five of the different ORS locations, including Belvidere, are state-of-the-art, relaxed, and welcoming facilities that provide clients with efficient and effective pelvic floor physical therapy. Our specialists and therapists utilize the team approach method to develop a unique to your pelvic floor physical therapy plan that will give you results in no time at all. Finally, have control over your bladder and bowel functions after all these years with ORS.

The city of Belvidere is in the north-central portion of Illinois, just 25 minutes from the Wisconsin border. The community of Belvidere is super attractive to businesses and residents that want to work or play in the area. More commonly, Belvidere is referred to as an industrial community that is surrounded by rich farmland. ORS is very proud to be the trusted facility in Belvidere to provide effective pelvic floor physical therapy to residents, allowing them to feel better and more confident than they ever believed they were capable of.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a concept that has been around for quite a while and is beneficial to both men and women with bladder and bowel dysfunction. When you partner with the therapists at ORS, they will be able to develop a specialized treatment just for you to deliver lasting results and exercises you will have forever. The specialists and therapists tend to partner up to help clients achieve the absolute best results possible during their time at the fantastic ORS centers. You have the ability to select your pelvic floor physical therapy center near Belvidere, and ORS Physical Therapy is the only name that should ever come to mind!

Belvidere Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy