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ORS Physical Therapy and occupational therapy clinic near Belvidere offers reasonably priced treatment in a clean, comfortable environment by professional staff and licensed occupational therapists. You can be assured you will receive the best care for your occupational therapy needs at ORSPT. We understand that pain and range of motion can vary from person to person. Therefore, we utilize a variety of individualized occupational therapy treatment options to deliver optimized pain relief and mobility to each of our patients

Dedicated to the residents of Belvidere and the surrounding community are the occupational therapy services of ORSPT, a premier occupational therapy clinic and physical rehab center committed to achieving the most successful treatment outcomes. The lovely city of Belvidere with nearly 26,000 residents is the county seat of Boon County, IL. Because nearly 80% of people will need injury or pain relief therapy at some point, ORSPT is who to choose near Belvidere for occupational therapy treatment.

Has your limited mobility hindered your quality of life? The occupational therapy team at ORSPT is here to help! Through education about healthy options and creating a treatment plan specific to your needs is what we are all about. Committed to bringing the highest quality occupational therapy and treatment options is the well-known center of ORSPT. Our services are the most affordable and effective near Belvidere. Call for a free consultation or information on how occupational therapy can help start your journey to relief at ORS Physical Therapy.

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