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Have you put thought into what your knee replacement surgery rehab will look like in the Belvidere area? And if your answer is just the physical therapy your physician recommends, I ask you to think a little more, specifically about ORS Physical Therapy as an option. The professionals at ORS have more experience, specifically in knee replacement surgery rehab, which will be created for your individualized needs so that recovery can be quicker. The road to recovery does not have to be stressful. With the therapists at ORS, we create a relaxed and welcoming experience for knee replacement surgery rehab treatment.

Belvidere is a city in Boone County with roughly 25,000 residents. Belvidere is an industrial community that is surrounded by rich farmlands. The landscape is rolling hills, flat farmlands, and many creeks, ponds, and wetlands. There are many different places in Belvidere that one could choose or be told to attend for knee replacement surgery rehab, but the reality of rehab is that not all facilities are created equally. At ORS, we have multiple impressive facilities with specialists that have, on average, 17 years’ worth of experience under their belt.

There is indeed a difference between other physical therapy centers and ORS. Believe us when we say whether it is for knee replacement surgery rehab or an old injury that simply does not seem like it will ever go away, ORS is the location that will help you get back to normal with less pain and more range of motion. We have a few locations to provide convenience and exceptional results to the residents of Belvidere. ORS Physical Therapy will help you get back on your feet soon.

Belvidere Knee Replacement Surgery Rehab