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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services is a state of the art facility that specializes in treating and diagnosing knee pain. We are staffed with certified physical therapists that aim to provide you the relief from knee pain that you desire. At ORS, our priority is getting you to the active lifestyle you desire after a torn knee. With affordable pricing options and reliable treatment options, ORS is proud to serve the residents of Belvidere.

Belvidere Torn Knee

ORS provides customized care based on diagnosis and cause of knee pain. Our team works together to get to the root of your problem and offer solutions. With a population of 25,000, Belvidere is about 75 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Many Belvidere residents recommend ORS for recovery from torn knee injuries and knee pain.

Belvidere Knee Pain

The ORS team is caring and thorough, striving to walk you back from a torn knee injury. Knee pain can cause other physical ailments if ignored, so please reach out to ORS experts for a consultation. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services will help you gain strength, mobility, and relief from knee pain and torn knee injuries. We are excited to get you back to your active lifestyle!

Belvidere Knee Pain | Belvidere Torn Knee