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Have you recently had hip replacement surgery in the Belvidere area? Allow the specialists at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services work to help you regain strength and mobility after your hip replacement. We will work with you to achieve optimal healing and bring quality back to your life. At ORS, we will develop a customized treatment plan for your recovery post hip replacement. We are proud to service Belvidere residents with top-of-the-line physical therapy.

ORS will help Belvidere residents on the road to hip replacement recovery. Belvidere is located on the northern border of Illinois in Boone County. There are 25,143 residents that call Belvidere home. Allow ORS to support you after hip replacement. We understand that every patient and circumstance is different, so your plan of care is specific to you and your situation. When you want specialized care from experts after hip replacement, trust ORS.

ORS plans developed for you will aid with therapies that have you on the road to restored mobility and a higher quality of life. Hip replacement can help in the long term, but initially following the procedure, you need a great deal of therapy and support. ORS experts have the knowledge and tools needed to have you quickly on the road to recovery. Call Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services today and schedule your free consultation!

Belvidere Hip Replacement