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If you fear falling, feel unsteady, or lack strength, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, is here to customize a plan of action that will make you feel more confident. Our fall prevention specialist delivers a personalized approach to care for our Belvidere patients. We will help you reach your functional goals and fall-proof your life.

ORS fall prevention specialists will help our Belvidere patients increase strength, balance, and mobility. Belvidere is a city in Boone County, Illinois, with a population of 25,585. ORS is here to help our Belvidere clients who have experienced a fall and would like to prevent future incidents. We have several therapists certified at all our locations available to assist you.

ORS fall prevention specialist provides you with the ability and skills to empower you to live a life free from the fear of falling. Our certified fall prevention therapist can help keep you or your family member from suffering a catastrophic fall. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists can offer an effective intervention that reduces risk while restoring mobility and balance.

Belvidere Fall Prevention Specialist